The bedroom is such an important room because if we’re really lucky we spend at least eight hours in it.  This makes the space an important aspect of a house for a potential buyer.

It’s a room where we recharge and take a break from the stresses of life. It needs to exude comfort, calm, peace and rest. These are all feelings that we experience but how do you effectively convey those emotions in a marketing image?

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Declutter the room

This is the first part of preparing a bedroom for photography. Streamlining the amount of furniture in the room and ensuring the floor is free of stacks of books or  – horror of horrors – piles of clothes is so important. Consider removing items of furniture too as this will also help potential buyers to imagine themselves in there and how they would make best use of the space.

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Put some thought into your bedside table

We’re all guilty of leaving a cup next to the bed or throwing odds and ends onto our bedside table. This will not help sell your bedroom to a potential buyer. They don’t want to see real time evidence of your life, they want to be shown a vision of how they might occupy that bedroom. A well chosen book, gorgeous side lamps, some flowers or a candle will look beautiful in photography if thoughtfully placed.

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Everyone loves a pillow

We all know that when we get into the bed we throw off the multitude of pillows but in terms of selling, it’s about showing a bed that a buyer wants to dive into. Some thoughtfully placed pillows in complementary colours will go a long way to make your images pop. Top this off with a beautiful accented throw at the end of your bed and it really does make the potential buyer pause.

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Accessorise the room

Whilst you need to streamline larger objects in the room, some careful thought needs to go into accessorising the bedroom to help really sell the space. A rug on the floor enables the potential buyer to imagine scrunching their toes up in its warmth. A mirror can add some depth to the room and help reflect light onto space. A fabulous piece of canvas art can really help the images of your bedroom look stylish and marketable.

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Colour Pallet

Think gorgeous neutrals with some clever accent colours. If this feels like too much of a stretch for you and more the remit of an interior designer, just copy a look. There are plenty of magazines and online home websites showcasing bedrooms that could look similar with some help. Worse comes to worse, we all know that one person or colleague who seems to be able to effortlessly style their house and space so that it looks like an interior home show. Thankfully if you’re really struggling, then you can turn to the experts as there are many solutions that can help you market the bedroom effectively.

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