We’ve been asked everything in our time and worked with many different estate agents so we thought we would share some of the questions we’re asked about marketing and our pearls of wisdom.

1.How important is SEO for estate agents?

The bottom line is a business strategy must have SEO at the heart of its objectives. We were already living in a digital world before Covid hit, but now almost everything has shifted online. Word-of-mouth still has its place but your buyers or tenants are increasingly seeking answers through a search engine from their mobile phone. You’re going to need to continually add engaging, effective content to your website.

2.Should you include video in your content marketing strategy?

Video is among the fastest growing media for content marketing. An engaging piece of video content on your homepage increases dwelltime and makes your potential customers more likely to navigate to other areas of your site. These don’t have to be polished pieces of Hollywood – you can leave that side to us – but the reality is people are curious and are more likely to watch video content than read text.

3.Why should you give your expertise for free?

The days of keeping your corporate secrets closely to your chest are over. It’s about striking the balance between positioning yourself as the expert and giving away your every move. For example your buyers or tenants will want to hear that you have exceptional local knowledge. Create content around your understanding of local amenities, shops, restaurants, nightlife and local schools. Demonstrating online an innate understanding of the local area could be the reason buyers and sellers use you.

4.What makes good content for estate agents?

Aside from local knowledge which we have just talked about, buyers and sellers will appreciate an understanding of the current market. You could try a secret diary of an estate agent: the mistakes you see buyers and sellers make, the nitty gritty on a day in the life of an estate agent. Or what about a seller’s dos and don’ts? From how to dress their house to items you can discreetly leave lying around that will sell your lifestyle to your buyer.

5. How can you effectively use client reviews and case studies for marketing?

There is so much mileage in your client reviews and case studies . You are trying to generate trust so when someone reads how well you have served others, they should jump on board to use your services. Shout about a particular property that you marketed effectively, the steps you took to get the right buyers over the threshold and how quickly you sold the property for the seller.

6.Do virtual viewings help your business?

Yes absolutely! Of course we are biased and exceptionally proud of our virtual tours but they can help to market your properties. We are still in the shadow of the COVID-19 and with restrictions slowly lessening, we are still being urged to practice social distancing and therefore what better way to safely showcase your property? Benefit from state of the art technology that gives a wow factor to your listing and eliminates time wasters.

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