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Following on from our previous blog post with a useful checklist of things to move and tidy up etc, here are a few examples of how much of a difference can be made by simply moving certain objects, switching lights on and getting a professional photographer in to select the most flattering angles of your property.

It is easy to overlook items in your home that you use on a daily basis. Such items can potentially make a room look and feel busier. Getting a professional photographer will be beneficial of course, however there are quite a few things you can do as a home owner before your photographer visits.


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  • Moving the bath mat off the floor opens up the floor space
  • Colourful and distracting towels are better off removed. Now there is more emphasis on the marble tiles behind
  • No one wants to see the toilet brush
  • Closing the window neatens up the photo and dropping the blind down adds interest and a splash of colour
  • Removing all bottles, toilet roll, and shower puff makes you focus on the room rather than the contents.



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  • TV off
  • Switch on any lights including feature lights like the string ball lights on the left hand wall.
  • Plumped cushions and folded throws look better further away from the lens
  • Consider minimising the amount of furniture in the room
  • Remember to de-clutter the coffee table



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  • By closing the door to the bathroom, your eye moves around the kitchen rather than straight to the far end. It also fattens the room rather than elongating it
  • Lights on – Overhead spots, under-cabinet lights, cooker hood lights and plinth lighting enhances the room
  • Consider moving items such as kitchen roll, washing up liquid, brushes and sponges
  • Tea towels and oven gloves away – show off that cooker!
  • Blind down slightly to show off a splash of colour




  • Removing the drainer and washing up bowl helps clear the work surface
  • Not everyone likes pets so is always advisable to move cat bowls out of the way
  • Switching on the lights in the dining room and adding an extra flash helps show off the layout of the property
  • Un plug kettles and toasters – keep sockets empty if possible



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  • Lovely day – open up the patio doors on to the garden
  • Removal of mats on the floor opens the space up
  • Lights on sets a cosy scene
  • TV screens off as can be distracting



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  • Angling furntiure such as dining chairs sets a welcoming scene
  • Side lights and main lights on
  • Remote controllers away and dining table free of paperwork



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  • The team at Emzo use their experience to get the best shots of your property – sometimes at angles you might not have considered before. It is wise to have all four corners of the room clear of clutter in case we photograph the room from multiple angles


If you’re putting your home up for sale in South London, Sussex, Hampshire or South Wales, we’d love to help you maximise the appearance of your property with our professional photography and editing. Just give us a call on 01329 750073 for a chat!

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