The Coronavirus and how it will affect our day to day work


Emzo Marketing are at this moment in time,  continuing to visit property, carrying out floorplans, EPCs and photography etc.

To keep ourselves and our clients healthy, we will adhere to the government guidlines on social distancing by remaining 2 meters apart from vendors in their homes.

We will be suggesting that families can have the option of leaving us in their homes, perhaps popping out in to their gardens whilst we carry out our work.

To minimise our physical contact within peoples homes, we will not be moving objects or belongings and recommend that vendors keep all doors open to reduce contact with high risk surfaces like doorhandles.

We will be washing our hands upon arrival at every property and then again as we are leaving.

We ask that our agents prepare our vendors for our visits by pre-warning that properties need to be as ‘photo ready’ as possible.

Please note that our 24 hour turnaround time for work has now been extended. We hope to contain this to within 48 hours.

Wishing everyone well!

Zoe and Emma @Emzo Marketing

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