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Looking for a new home is an exciting time. Buyers often have strict criteria for what they need to make their next home suitable for them, and they spend hours scrolling through property portals looking for “the one.”

They might find a picture-perfect property online. A property they can imagine their children growing up in. The photos look good, the description is well-written… they’re already planning where to hang the family portrait. But is that fourth bedroom big enough for their youngest child, they wonder?

“Let’s check the floorplan to make sure,” they say.

But there isn’t one.

They were about to book a viewing – but now, they don’t know whether it’s worth their time.

A listing without a floorplan is a sure-fire way to dramatically reduce interest in a property at the first hurdle.

For the majority of people, the actual buying experience begins the second they flip open their laptop, Google the portals and punch in their desired postcode. Searching for a new home online is an immersive experience. The marketing tools you use as an estate agent can be make or break for generating viewing requests and achieving the best price for your sellers.

Here are five reasons why you should be including floorplans in your property marketing.


1. You could be losing out on buyers without a floorplan.

A survey by Rightmove revealed more than a third of buyers were “less likely to enquire” about viewing a property without a floorplan. One in five buyers would ignore a floorplan-free listing completely, and 10% of people said they would never book a viewing for a property without one. That’s a lot of potential offers your vendors could be missing out on!

“Over a third of buyers said that they were less likely to enquire about a property without a floorplan. They stated that they want to see the room layout, to see where rooms fit in relation to other rooms and to understand the flow of the property, and a floorplan is undoubtedly the best way to gather this information.” – Rightmove


  2. Floorplans are more definitive than photography.

 Professional photography is incredibly important, and no home should be marketed without it. However, a floorplan is a completely accurate, more definitive representation of the layout and room sizes in a property. Families often need to gauge how big the bedrooms are, or would prefer an open-plan living space. There’s only so much of a property that can be highlighted by photos alone, and floorplans aren’t affected by lighting or clever camera angles! Including a floorplan will ensure you don’t waste anyone’s time – including your own.


3. Floorplans increase viewing requests.

People are busy, and the last thing they want to do is book viewings if they can’t work out whether the property is suitable for them beforehand. Floorplans help buyers to do this. For many, knowing what the layout looks like, or how big the rooms are, could be the difference between booking a viewing or clicking away from the listing. Buyers will determine whether a property fits their lifestyle requirements by checking the floorplan before picking up the phone.


4. Floorplans help buyers to make decisions after viewings.

 Floorplans help the property you’re selling to stand out. Most buyers will view multiple homes within a short period of time, so having a floorplan for them to refer back to will increase the likelihood of them remembering the property layout and size after a viewing. Floorplans allow the buyer to build up a mental image of themselves living there, maximising the chance you’ll receive a second viewing request – or offer – from them.


5. Your marketing strategy is a reflection of your brand.

Think about it. Doesn’t your seller, the person paying your fee, deserve the best quality marketing you can offer them? The more professional and effective your marketing is, the likelier you are to sell their home for the best possible price. The marketing you produce is a reflection of your brand. Today’s buyers are potential future sellers – and you want them to come to you first, when the time comes. Investing in floorplans is a no-brainer for your business.


At Emzo Marketing, we provide professional, RICS compliant floorplans for estate agents, as well as 3D Virtually Staged floorplans.

Call us today on 01329 750073 or email to find out how we can help you get the best possible results for your sellers.

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