There are so many advantages to using videography to market your properties. When your clients and potential buyers are scrolling through multiple properties on websites such as Rightmove, there is a danger that you will just blend in with the rest. Marketing is all about how you set yourself apart from the competition and show that what you have to offer that is unique and special.

Property videography

Using drone technology has exploded in the last few years and it’s an opportunity for the estate agent to showcase a property and make their portfolio stand out from other agents. Whilst this kind of marketing does lend itself to bigger properties with extensive external space, this incredible technology can still give someone an overall view of the local area, what is close by and how you approach the property. Buyers may be concerned with access to local roads or how much green space is in the area they’re thinking of buying in. When a buyer looks a house, they tried to imagine themselves in there and drone technology gives a sense of walking through the property before they’ve physically set foot in the property.

Videography for commercial real estate

In the world of commercial real estate, a drone can afford unprecedented access to a large-scale area. With a property such as the commercial real estate, potential buyers want a lot of information before acquiring something of this scale. Drone footage allows visibility of aspects not seen on foot such as access, boundaries, parking and everything else they would need to know for of an acquisition of this nature.

The advantages

The other advantage of marketing your property using this technology is that potential buyers who watch prior to physically viewing you know are serious. This marketing is state of the art and gives buyers incredible insight to what it would be like to live in that house. This means that when they go and see it in person, that is generally a formality because they already have made a decision from your footage that they love the property. The other benefits are:

  • No wasted initial viewing appointment with vendor, as the first viewing is done online
  • Actual real time viewings are potential serious purchasers. Eradicates time wasters
  • This innovative technology will help your estate agency stand out from your competitors
  • Incredibly user friendly – entry level skills required to view and operate the tour – can be used on phones, tablets and desktops
  • One visit – Matterport 360 Tour + Floorplan + EPC + Photography
  • High quality imagery – we only use equipment that gets great results. No blurry out of focused images here!
  • Tour can be copied on to property search engines or simply added as a URL link in email correspondence to interested parties.

The disadvantages

Uh there are none! Property videography is an incredible opportunity to make your listing stand out from all the others. This is state of the art property marketing to take your portfolio to the next level.

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