The long-awaited reopening of non-essential shops took place on April 12th. Finally, we get to go inside a clothes shop and sift through the rails holding up items of clothing rather than trying to work out online from a small picture whether you actually like it or not. There is no doubt like everything else the clothes industry has been transformed by COVID-19 and many businesses have been able to ride the storm with their online presence although quite a few unfortunately have not. The clothing business is one of those industries where there really is no substitute for seeing the colours, the feel of the fabric and the look of something that you can physically touch. Granted many of us are now one or two sizes bigger than before lockdown but hey, shopping is still fun! But what if shoppers are anxious about what to expect when they cross the threshold?

Social distancing virtual tours

Understandably there are some customers who are worried about how to shop safely and a virtual tour can provide some reassurance that your premises are safe to visit. With movement still restricted around the country and social distancing practices likely to be in place for some time, a virtual tour is the ideal way for someone to view first without actually leaving their home. Many still have concerns on safety and mixing therefore the virtual tour offers a close-up view for potential clients whilst allowing them to still feel safe. Those questions your customers might have as to one-way systems, the lay out of the shop, how you pay for goods and so on can all be answered by watching a virtual tour.

Virtual window shopping

Covid aside, what better way to showcase your business than a professionally made virtual tour? It’s like your very own movie to show off what you have to offer instore. Photographs are of course important but the voyeur in all of us naturally jumps at the chance to take a sneak peek at the inside of a shop. A virtual tour is something your business can use not just on it’s website but all across your socials. In a world where we have less then 5 seconds to impress potential customers scrolling through their feeds on their phones, a virtual tour just might make you stand out amongst the noise.

Virtual tours as part of your marketing strategy

As we all look to find innovative ways to recover and trade during the pandemic, a 360 tour might be one of the strategies in your amour to get customers back through the door. So how can this technology prove useful:

  • A great way to connect to customers without geographical limits
  • Affordable way to stand out from your competitors
  • Longer dwell time on content than static images

If you’re not quite brave enough to get your team on Tik Tok then a virtual tour could be a great way to switch up your content and attract more clients.

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