In amongst the doom and gloom of the global pandemic, chinks of light are beginning to emerge particularly in the housing market where business is booming. Estate agents are reporting record listings and huge surges in property listings particularly in rural and costal locations.

Too much time together

Sadly, for some lockdown has forced decisions on the state of their relationship. We’ve all sat for some months really contemplating what matters and personal happiness. Long workdays were probably keeping many marriages alive that would have faltered eventually. Hands are being forced and this means in some cases properties are going on the market and in turn demand is rising as two people need housing from one sale.

Outside space

We’ve all come to recognize the value of the great outdoors during the COVID-19 crisis. Our daily permitted exercise was for some of us the only sanity in the day and we all came to appreciate nature. For those with very little outside space on their property, this has prompted reconsidering where they live. Whether it’s the desire for a balcony, a big garden or proximity to the local park, demand for properties with access to green space has surged.

Working from home

The whole landscape of how we work has completely shifted. Companies are trimming the fat and negotiating contracts with staff to include contractual allowance for working from home. People having to relocate for jobs may become a thing of the past whilst those who were only living somewhere because of their job may see this as the perfect excuse to leave. Either way this means a home office may be required as buyers may be looking for the space in a property that has this or the potential to provide it.

Escape from the city

The impact of stress on our lives with the fast pace of city living plus concerns on air quality are prompting buyers to look at relocating to the countryside. The pandemic has given so many of us pause for thought and the idea of a life on the coast or in the countryside has meant a massive spike in searches for these properties. Londoners who have been told they won’t be back in the office for the rest of the year have leapt at the chance to leave the city and get more value for their money in a property.

How can Emzo help

When demand is this high, you will need to be ahead of the competition. When multiple agencies are posting similar listings, we know that yours needs something extra to make it stand out. At Emzo we understand what it takes to deliver high quality photographs and floorplans that help our clients to maximize the return on properties and to ensure that as many potential buyers as possible see the property.

Our business reflects yours so what are you waiting for?

If you’re putting your home up for sale in South London, Sussex, Hampshire or South Wales, we’d love to help you maximise the appearance of your property with our professional photography and editing. Just give us a call on 01329 750073 for a chat!

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