It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to Christmas and staying wrapped up against the cold weather. Our body clocks naturally slow down and we want to cosy up indoors next to a fire. We love those images of a roaring fire because they evoke a sense of relaxation and being tucked up at home with our loved ones. Let’s think about why those images evoke such an emotional response and how we can use that to our advantage in property marketing.

Fireplace heritage

Why are we so drawn to a fireplace? Well historically keeping a fire going was integral to the survival for humans so perhaps that part of us knows it’s an important part of the house. The tradition of storytelling around the fireplace is something that has its roots in ancient storytelling where our ancestors passed on their heritage and tales of great courage. In modern times an open fire has the connotation of romance so many of us associate the fireplace with love. During the days before television was invented, the fire was the focal point for the family and a place to gather together. 

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Old fashioned fireplaces vs modern 

There are so many different types of fireplaces. From the huge hearths of yesteryear where cooking as well as heating was derived from the fireplace to the modern sleek fireplaces that are used for a more aesthetic role. The older style fireplaces can have surrounds with gorgeous art deco tiles or be made of iron. There are even those that are made of stone such as marble which really do look beautiful in photos. The more modern take on fireplaces utilizes such trends as industrial themed and scandi and can really make a statement when marketing your property. Even if there is no actual fire in it, the use of plants and candles can make a fireplace visually attractive. 

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Marketing your fireplace

It’s not just a case of snapping some photography of a roaring fire because good fireplace photography actually has so much more going on. The viewer is taking in the surround, the colour of the walls and what is in the general area. A fireplace set into a bare brick chimney is simple and evocative. Then there is the more modern take on fireplaces offset in light, bright colour pallets. With some clever staging, the photography of your fireplace can really seal the deal in getting property noticed and is so much more than a nice way to get warm. 

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How a fireplace can enhance your property

In a competitive market, it can be an advantage to have a feature such as a fireplace to give the edge both in aspects of the property and online marketing. If a potential buyer is looking at two similar properties, the one that features a beautifully photographed fireplace is likely to have the edge. There is even evidence suggesting that a fireplace can add as much as 5% in value to a home. 

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