With the current lockdown restrictions, we are all spending so much time in our home. When you begin your search for a property, are you just buying the bricks and the mortar or is it all about location? Most people would say that are seeking more than just a house. They want that property to become their sanctuary, a haven, the place where after a stressful day they can just unwind and retreat. So, what do we all look for in a home and are there some common denominators?

Lockdown changes

With so many of us in our homes now having to work there and home-school, some of the shine of a sanctuary has diminished. This has prompted some people to reimagine their space. Is there a little cubbyhole you can make use of to fit a desk in? Is there a way to split your children and have learning zones in your home? As gyms are closed for now, is there somewhere you have found to exercise within the home? With many furloughed from their jobs, they may have had time to a clear out garages or loft spaces. Or with that free time has come the headspace to look around and decide if that space now really suits the way they want to live. And if not, it might be time to put the house on the market.

More than bricks and mortar

The house is a place where lives happen and where energy becomes how the house feels. Its full of memories, laughter, parties and life events. Everything from the colours in the rooms to the soft furnishings to your favourite chair become incredibly important to the homeowner. And if that’s not right, DIY is not the doomed enterprise it once was. Let’s face it there is a YouTube tutorial or how to on everything these days. If you are game, you can teach yourself all those skills that you might have needed to get a tradesperson in for. With some trades restricted due to Covid 19 or people not feeling comfortable with having somebody in the house, DIY may be the solution.

Home is where the heart is

It is not just four walls our home is somewhere where we see our life carried out. We spent the bulk of our time there even before the pandemic, now with people working at home and home-schooling it really must be a space that feels comfortable and right for everybody. For some people it is a place where they live out their whole lives, they see their children grow up they may even welcome grandchildren into that place so home means something unique and personal for everyone. Where some people want open spaces, others are happy in one small cosy room. Where some people are seeking more downstairs living space, others would prefer extra bathrooms and bedrooms. What your home is and what you need is specific, unique, and therefore a house is not just bricks and mortar.

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