The reality is the vast majority of people can’t look at an empty space and visualise themselves living in it or how it would feel with furniture in it.

To ensure you effectively market a property that is a vacant possession, it is well worth investing in staging to maximise the potential to sell. When you furnish a property with thoughtful staging then you are showing the buyer the result; what it would be like if they acquired that property.

Good sales are never about the price, it’s always about the outcome and with property you’re showing the buyer the lifestyle.

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Vacant property

We all know how it feels to walk into an empty room: it’s simply not inviting.

When you market that in a property, there is the danger of sending a message that the property is derelict or abandoned. And whilst the majority of us can logically understand that we’re not buying the furniture that is shown in the estate agents images, a beautifully staged room sells a lifestyle works on the potential buyer’s brain convincing them that this is a space they can see themselves living in.

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Window dressing

We dress shop windows and goods in supermarkets are staged so we know the presentation is an important aspect of purchasing. Who doesn’t plonk themselves down on a settee that is staged in a department store? It just feels inviting and you can’t help but want to sit down and imagine life as though you are sitting in that living room.

When we see a dressed room online we go through the same emotional response. It is therefore important that some thought is given to the presentation of a property.

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How visual cues work on the brain

There is so much scientific data on how colour and lighting work on our senses. We must start to see property in the same way we see retail. Retail is sales and that is exactly what is happening when you are trying to entice a buyer into a property.

If you think about how products such as make up, clothing and holidays are marketed, staging with colour and lighting is effectively utilised to ensure the buyer can visualise themselves using that product.

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Benefits of home staging

  • Empty properties are smaller than furnished ones
  • 100% of developers saw staging increase the number of viewings
  • It’s a fast paced online world and people spend an average of seven second viewing property online; good photos are essential
  • There are stats showing that staged property can in fact sell for 10 to 15% more than the competition
  • Staged properties spend 50% less time on the market
  • Property staging can work for all budgets
  • Your first price reduction is almost always more than the cost of staging
  • 80% of properties professionally stage to go under offer in four weeks

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Sales is always about the end result, so an empty room doesn’t give you the end result in customers simply cannot make that buying journey.

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