Sometimes we get a chance to do something a little bit different at Emzo, so we were pleased when we were asked by our friends at Little Barn Door to provide a virtual tour for the prospective parents and children at Locks Heath Infant school.

School Tours in a pandemic

We have all had our lives disrupted during the covid 19 pandemic this year but for young children some of it has been exceedingly difficult. School is an important part of their lives, its where they are most days and the routine of class, lessons and breaks becomes ingrained in pupils. Imagine if you were starting this for the first time but you could not physically enter the school due to restrictions. Well, the team at Locks Heath Infant school had this dilemma and approached Little Barn Door to help them present the school for prospective pupils who could not access it. We were more than happy to utilize our drone technology to film inside the school and provide a safe way to walk through.

What do parents need to see in a virtual tour?

For parents they are likely to be looking at the displays in the classroom to see evidence of the learning. They will also be checking out the facilities available to their children. How many tables are there in the classroom and what is the lay out in relation to the teacher and the whiteboard. They may well be assessing what technology the school boasts. How many classes are there, how far apart are they spaced, is there a library, is there outside space that affords a variety of learning opportunities through play and somewhere for their children to blow off steam?

What children want to see on a virtual tour

A child’s concerns over their new school are far removed from what an adult would see as a priority. How exciting is it to navigate using the Matterport buttons? Can I fly along the corridors? Will I be able to do that when I get to school? Where will I hang my coat? Where do we eat our lunch? Is there a role play corner? How many people will be sitting at my table? How many pens and pencils do we have? Do I get my own glue stick and scissors? Do we get a story at the end of the day and where is the book corner? Where does my teacher sit?

The Power of Community

This means in the geographical sense what businesses, schools and facilities are geographically on your doorstep and the community of others who work in the same market as you. In terms of those living and working in Emzo’s proximity, we feel strongly that it is very important to show our support for our local community in any way that we can. We are proud to work alongside our colleagues at Little Barn Door and to lend our drone technology to ease the transition to school for local children.

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