We’ve all been there, you see a house in an area that you know is amazing but is up for sale at knock down price, is it too good to be true? Yes usually. We’re talking of the random haunted house in the road where an old couple lived for over a century with décor to match. Ok maybe not 100 years but you know what we mean. Hideous carpets, kitchen units that belong in a museum and frankly eye watering wallpaper. Only builders or the brave would take on such a project. Most buyers can’t see past grotty carpet and dated wallpaper; they don’t see the bare bones of the house or its potential.

Scent marketing

Yes, this is absolutely a thing and no we don’t mean the random perfume staff in department stores poised with bottles and test cards. We’re talking those smells that really do sell a product. Aside from a song, smell is one of the biggest triggers of memories. The cakes that your grandmother used to bake when you visited, the shepherd’s pie in the oven when you got in from school that just somehow never tasted as good anywhere else. Wonderful smells that delight the senses can evoke an emotional response in people and that can be used to an advantage in selling property. A fresh pot of coffee or bread straight out of the oven are smells that would delight anyone coming to view a house but are not visible.

Theatre vs reality

We’ve probably all been there, moving in day when all the furniture has gone and the flaws in the house are revealed. That is because marketing and the property has an element of theatre to it and although structurally a survey will provide reassurance the rest is cosmetic. This is precisely why we should look beyond floral wallpaper and odd furniture and take a whole view of the plot, layout and the area. Think about the possibilities instead; what can you create in this space?

Dressing the house

Of course, we should look beyond dated décor but that does not mean that maximum effort shouldn’t be made in presenting the property. A vase of flowers, touching up the paintwork where it’s needed and decluttering the surfaces will go a long way. Most of us know how to make a house look its best but for those who don’t, there are companies that specialize in dressing a house to realize its potential.

Virtual staging

But what if the property is empty? Some buyers can find it hard to imagine what it would be like to live there and how they would position the furniture, so we offer virtual staging.

  • Get rid of the empty, lifeless feel
  • Give your empty property a warm and welcoming vibe!
  • Majority of property searches are primarily carried out online – make yours STAND OUT!
  • Cost effective – traditionally furnishing your home will cost much more
  • Use whatever colour scheme and furnishings you want… a chance to get creative!

If you’re putting your home up for sale in South London, Sussex, Hampshire or South Wales, we’d love to help you maximise the appearance of your property with our professional photography and editing. Just give us a call on 01329 750073 for a chat!

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