Virtual Tours for businesses

With the whole world transforming the way it works in the last 12 months, we have all had to look at innovative ways that we can carry on doing business. Matterport 360 technology is an incredible way for you to showcase your business and let your client see what you do without them setting foot on the premises. Phrases such as social distancing, lockdown and 2 metres apart have all become part of our vocabulary since the covid 19 pandemic and that doesn’t look like ending soon. As we ease restrictions, it’s evident we are still going to need to be careful for some time but equally we need to get the economy moving and businesses need to get up and running so how do we do that safely?

Social distancing virtual tours

Consumers are worried about how they will shop safely and a virtual tour can provide some reassurance that the premises are safe to visit. With movement still restricted around the country and social distancing practices likely to be in place for some time, a virtual tour is the ideal way for someone to view first without actually leaving their home. Many still have concerns on safety and mixing therefore the virtual tour offers a close-up view for potential clients whilst allowing them to still feel safe.

A chance to show off

It’s also an opportunity for the business to showcase who they are, what clients can expect when they cross the threshold and what their products look like if they’re a product driven environment. If you’re selling something new or have a new concept, it’s great to have technology like this to show what you do and increase customer awareness. When something is innovative or a change from anything else on the market, it is difficult sometimes for people to understand that through text and images. A virtual tour is the perfect way to literally show your potential customers what you are offering and who your business is..

Videography as a marketing tool

Statistics show that consumers are far more likely to watch a video than they are to read text. Video is a highly effective form of online content that has risen in popularity in the last few years. Humans are inherently lazy; videos allow us to consume content without having to engage our brain to read text. Despite the rapid rise of this medium, many people still aren’t taking advantage of this for online content. The Matterport 360 technology offers businesses a way to make their products and services stand out amongst other people’s texts and images. The virtual tours are incredible online marketing that is bound to grab the attention of potential customers and get people through your doors virtually

This is marketing with a proven track record of raising brand awareness and helping businesses get customers interested. But don’t take our word for it, we’ll let our clients tell you how much this has helped their business.

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